Why don’t you deliver to my area? 

As much as we would love to get trees to all the good boys and girls, we cannot accommodate all locations.  We are looking to expand next year, please join our mailing list and we will keep you posted of new areas as we roll them out.

Why is Delivery Separate?

We keep delivery fees separate to keep sales taxes down. We are also exploring self pick up options for future seasons.

Why doesn’t my tree smell as much as a cut tree?

While our  trees are fragrant, they do not have as strong a scent as a cut tree because they are LIVING! The stronger scent from a cut tree is the sap draining.

Can I keep my tree after the season?

Yes! If you would like to keep your tree please message us and we will go over details/costs.

Can I have the same tree I adopted in previous years?

The adoption program is definitely one of the most endearing program we do, but also the most challenging. Our previous website had pretty specific instructions for how we’ve learned to best help us locate and re-unite us with your tree. There is also an adoption fee that very few actually send in that helps us secure the tree.

Honestly, even if all the instructions are followed and the money is sent in, we still struggle – and that’s if Mother Nature cooperates with us and the tree is still viable.

At the moment we are doing our best just to continue to provide living Christmas trees for another season (it almost didn’t happen).

We would recommend ordering the tree that would make you happy to receive this coming year. We will put your name on a list of trees to search the adoption area for and if we find your tree and it’s in good shape, we will let you know. If you named the tree or have pictures… everything is helpful.

What if I need to change my delivery or pick-up date?

We are well aware that the holidays are chaotic at best.  If your delivery or pick-up date needs to change, please email Customer Service at support@livingchristmas.com and let us know your name and order number (on your invoice receipt you were emailed at the time of purchase) and the dates you were originally signed up for and the dates you would like to change to.  We will do our best to accommodate these changes and will email back to you as soon as that change has been made.

What time will my tree be delivered?

We will be emailing you with a range of hours that you can expect delivery of your tree within a few days of your delivery.  It is important to make sure that furniture is moved and the area to set up the tree is easily accessible prior to the arrival of our delivery team.  We want to be able to stay on track so that the next person on our delivery schedule is on time as well.

Will our tree be left in the driveway or will you bring it into our home?

We will bring your tree into your home and get it positioned where you would like the tree to reside for the holidays.

Can I pick up my tree and return it myself?

Unfortunately, we do not have a lot that these are delivered to/from as they are picked up and delivered to you (and returned) from numerous locations and with numerous delivery services to reach all of our areas.  Hopefully you’ll be able to make arrangements from the many delivery times available on the site.

Pictures of Trees

The trees that are pictured are a sample tree of the type of tree you order (Spruce, Aleppo, Monterrey, etc.).  The one that you receive will look very similar to the one pictured.

Do the pots add to the overall height of the tree?

The measurement of the tree is taken from the floor to the tippity-top of the tree.  The depth of the pot is included in that height.

What’s the difference  between a misfit tree and a premium tree?

The misfit trees are the same size and type of tree, it just doesn’t meet our strict “premium” quality requirements.  They have some imperfections and character (yes, possibly a hole or a slight bend), but they are amazing trees that our customers are consistently happy with in every type of tree.

My old login is not recognized…

Since it’s a whole new site, your old logins will not work, so go ahead and create a new account and you can use that from now on.

What’s the smallest tree you offer?

The shortest tree that we are offing this year is 5’-6’.  This includes the pot measurements and is calculated from the bottom of the pot to the tippity-top of the tree.