Our Trees are Alive, in a Pot with their Roots, and Growing.  We deliver the tree to you, and then pick it up after the holidays. The tree then goes back to our nursery, where it continues growing until next year.  Some trees are replanted into bigger containers.  Not every tree is suitable for rental year after year.

Those that do not make the cut (no pun intended) are allowed to continuing growing, are donated to a tree planting organization or become part of an Urban Reforestation Project. All our tree will be eventually taken out to pasture (we mean planted) to become big, beautiful trees.

How do I Rent a living tree?

  • It’s simple! First, select the area you live, either by entering your zip code or clicking on the map.  Your zone will determine which trees are available in your area and pricing.  We are expanding every year, but we haven’t made it to all areas just yet.  If we aren’t in your area, fill out a delivery request application.  If we get enough requests in a given zone, we’ll open up a delivery day or do our best to service the area the following year. 
  • STEP TWO:  Select the type and size of tree you would like to have. There are a variety of trees to choose from and we have included pictures and descriptions to help you choose. Prices include delivery and pick-up in designated zones. Each order includes a watering tray to protect your floors.
  •  STEP THREE: Request available time slot for desired delivery date. We cannot guarantee your request, we will do our best to accommodate you. You select the day and we will confirm a 4-hour timeslot up to 36 hours prior to delivery.  Charges will apply if we are not able to leave the tree at the confirmed time and location.  You can indicate “Leave on Porch” if you are unable to be home- The trees are heavy however, so make sure you have a way to move it.  We thank you for your cooperation keeping the process as efficient and ecological as possible.
  • STEP FOUR: Complete your order by selecting ecological ornaments, LED lights, stocking stuffers and proceed to checkout. Inquire about buying gift certificates or donate a tree to a needy family.
  • STEP FIVE: Love thy tree! Choose a flat surface away from heaters and fireplaces and water/ ice to your tree every couple days. The trees do best when they are given a name and sang to regularly. Remember that your tree is alive and in its infancy, your 6 year-old tree will someday grow to be 70 or 100 years old with the right love and attention!