Our Delivery Zones

Currently, we have Tree Delivery Depots set-up in San Diego, LA County, and Marin County.  Regrettably, we can only delivery within a certain radius of these depots. Exceptions can be made if a large number of trees are requested in particular zone. By filling out an delivery request application we can better serve you or possibly direct you to a service that can.


We are constantly expanding and are hoping to be national soon. Keep checking in and keeping showing your support! Please add us on Facebook for exclusive opportunities. 

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Technology and Ecology

We utilize specialized mapping software to maximize efficiency and ensure the highest customer service. Unlike a corner cut-tree lot with thousands of single trip drivers, we are able to group our deliveries dozens at a time to reduce each tree’s carbon footprint. We do our best to match the size of our vehicles proportionately with the number of deliveries and use bio-diesel whenever possible.

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Delivery Policy

Because we do our best to maximize efficiency while minimizing our carbon footprint, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time.  We take special requests into consideration, but when delivering over 250 trees a day, we have to use the most efficient route possible. Orders are frozen 36 hours prior to delivery and estimated 4-hour delivery windows are emailed out to each customer at least 24 hours prior to delivery.   Our Reindeer Teams also do their best to phone ahead to customers 30 minutes prior to arrival.   If you are unable to be home for your delivery, please let us know in advance. Smaller trees can be left on the porch, but larger trees can become very heavy (up to 250 lbs) and require assistance.  After repeated unsuccessful attempts, an additional delivery charges may apply. 

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Our Reindeer Delivery Team



 We are super proud of our Delivery Team and they are super proud of the work they do.  Many are Veterans, a few that have had a rough time in a rough economy, and others that just love supporting a business they believe in.  

Tips for hard work are always appreciated, but not expected.  But HUGS, GRATITUDE, and warm MILK and COOKIES go a long way! 

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