You got questions? We got answers! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding tree deliveries, tree care, and more:

Does delivery cost extra?

SCOTTY CLAUS: Rental and delivery costs are shown separately on our order form. Delivery cost shown in (parenthesis) include delivery AND pick up.  Larger trees require more elf power to move, so delivery costs are slightly higher. Separating the cost of delivery allows us to charge less taxes. YAY!

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What if I can't be available for my scheduled delivery/ pick up time?

SCOTTY CLAUS: If you can’t be home to welcome your tree at the scheduled time, simply select ‘okay to leave on porch’ and we will leave it on your front porch for when you get home.  Make sure you have your own magic elf-power to get the tree inside.  Those big guys can weigh 100-200lbs!

JINGLE BELLA: But if you live in an apartment building or gated community, we can’t leave your tree alone outside. We ask that you reschedule at least 48 hours before your delivery date. We elves like to keep everything on schedule, so we charge an additional $25 delivery fee for no-shows and last minute rescheduling.

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What if I don't feel a love connection when my tree arrives?

SCOTTY CLAUS: Yikes! Our elves inspect every tree that leaves the North Pole to make certain it meets our high standards. Like all living things, our trees aren’t perfect, so we suggest you read “Is Rental Right for You?” before ordering. We will offer a one-time replacement tree, after which, your money will be returned if you are still not overjoyed with your selection.

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How much do I water my tree?

BLITZEN: We recommend watering your tree immediately upon arrival with a watering can with a long cylindrical spout. Pour the water slowly until you see it begin to exit through the holes on the bottom of the pot. Repeat this every couple days. Be sure not to over-flow the catch basin.

JINGLE BELLA: I like to use an entire container of ice to water my tree.  The ice melts slowly and is absorbed better into the root system.


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What happens if I forget to water my tree?

JINGLE BELLA: Once or twice and the tree might forgive you, but a home with heaters blaring can be an inhospitable place for a living tree. Without sufficient water, needles will begin to fall heavily and brown spots will begin to appear. By the time this happens, it may already be too late.

SCOTTY CLAUS: By the way, over-watering your tree can cause the same symptoms, so be sure to check the soil moisture first.

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What happens if I.. um.. kill my tree?

SCOTTY CLAUS: Double yikes! If a tree is returned to us with signs of obvious neglect (BLITZEN: Like if it’s brown and crispy), you could be charged the full retail price of the tree. The real cost, though, is to future generations who will be unable to enjoy the tree at its maturity.

JINGLE BELLA: That said, it’s pretty hard to kill your tree. Just water it every couple days and don’t put it too close to a heater vent, and you can avoid going on Scotty Claus’ Naughty List!

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How do you measure the height of the tree?

Blitz: The size listed is measured from the ground to the tip of the tree, so the container is included in the height.  Sizes listed are also approximate. Please keep this in mind when you choose your tree.

JINGLE BELLA: The container gives you more space to stack presents!

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My tree is too tall. Can I trim it?

JINGLE BELLA: Umm.. Lets talk first!

SCOTTY CLAUS: Living trees can’t be trimmed like cut trees. We understand that mistakes happen and your heart might be too big for your living room, but please contact us before wielding sharp objects. Trimming your tree improperly could permanently damage the tree and require it be put down (aka mulched).  Please stay off the Naughty List and consult with us first!

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Can I keep my Tree after the Holidays?

BLITZEN:  We can make arrangements for you to stay with your tree after Christmas, but remember your tree will grow large. Most Southern Californian gardens cannot support one, let alone many full-size Christmas trees and we definitely do not recommend you plant them in a public park.

SCOTTY CLAUS: Before we donate or plant our trees, we allow the crown to become re-established and we make sure the roots have not girdled. Otherwise, the tree might post a hazard later in life.

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Can I get the same Tree Next Year?

JINGLE BELLA: Yes. We call it Tree Adoption. By following the steps on the website before your tree is picked- up, we can do our best to get it back to you.  However, these trees are living, so we can’t guarantee your trees success in the off-season.  Now, 90% of our trees make it from year to year, but not all are “A” quality.  Foster homes will be given a choice as to whether they wanted their adopted tree or a possibly shinier cousin.  No hard feelings of course.

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Do live trees Smell as good as Cut Trees?

Scotty Claus: Nope! Our trees smell better! Actually, most folks comment that our trees don’t smell as much as cut trees.  Unfortunately, the smell associated with cut trees when they enter the house is because the trunk has been freshly cut.

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Can I Flock my Tree?

BLITZEN: Are you flocking kidding me???

SCOTTY CLAUS: Please don’t. Flocking your tree will make us sad and make your tree even sadder. Flocking amounts to tree abuse and as such you can be charged. We might also post a Polaroid of your flocked tree on our dry-erase board next to various un-Christmas-like obscenities…

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Can I put Lights on my trees?

SCOTTY CLAUS: Yes! Living trees are less flammable because they don’t dry out like cut trees, so feel free to decorate your tree as you see fit. Still, always practice good fire safety and use common sense; don’t overload outlets and keep connections away from the tree’s water tray.

JINGLE: Try not to use super-hot lights and be sure to water your tree as prescribed by Scotty Claus. LED lights are low wattage and do not get hot.

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Does the Tree need to be near a Window?

SCOTTY CLAUS: Trees love sunlight, but it is not essential for the short amount of time that your tree will be in your home.

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Can I Pick Out or Pick Up my own Tree?

JINGLE BELLA: Our elves are experts at picking out the perfect tree for you, but if you’d rather pick out your own tree, we do bring a bunch of trees to local farmers markets where you can choose your tree and have it delivered same day! Check our Facebook for times and locations.

SCOTTY CLAUS: We have made every attempt to measure and keep our carbon footprint as petite as possible which is why we deliver dozens of trees per trip. If we let everyone pick-up their own tree it would exponentially increase our environmental impact and make it impossible to keep track of.

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How do I get my Non-Profit Organization involved with The Living Christmas Company?

JINGLE BELLA: Click on Philanthropy in the About Us section of the website orcontact us by email. Giving is at the heart of The Living Christmas Company and will we be happy to help you!

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How do I get out of going to my In-Laws' for Christmas dinner?

SCOTTY CLAUS: Good luck. When we get the answer you’ll be the first to know!

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