We would love to share the Joy of a Living Christmas with everyone, but sadly our service ain’t for everybody. Check this list twice to see if Living Christmas Tree Rental is right for YOU:

  1. Our Trees Ain’t Perfect. We want our trees to live long past Christmas, so they are trimmed, sprayed, and fertilized less aggressively than cut trees. We like to think that gives them character. That said, only the straightest, ‘A’ quality trees with at least 3 stellar sides are eligible for rental.   The others are sold as nursery stock or donated to a local tree planting charity.
  2. Our Trees Need Love. We want all our trees to find good homes and a little Christmas spirit can go a long way towards the survival of your tree. If you forget to water a cut tree, it gets crispy a week early.  But if you forget to look after a Living Christmas Tree, several generations will miss out on sharing in your tree’s beauty.
  3. We Need Your Patience. Imagine all the problems that come up for a normal business throughout the year. Now imagine all of those same “opportunities for learning” occurring within a two week window!  It can be overwhelming. So our hardworking elves need your patience.  We can promise that we are all working as hard as possible to provide the best quality tree, the most prompt delivery and the most Christmasy service as possible.