Christmas Tree Rental | Live Potted Christmas Trees Delivered for California | Is Living Christmas Tree Rental Right for You?

We would love to share the joy of a living holiday with everyone. We realize, however, our trees and service are not for everybody. Here is a quick check list to see if Christmas tree rental is right for you.

  1. Our Trees Aren't Perfect. Because we want them to live long past Christmas Present and grow into big beautiful trees, we don't trim them or fertilize them as aggressively as traditional, cut trees. We like to think that gives them character. That said, only the straightest, 'A' quality trees are eligible for rental. The others are sold as nursery stock or donated to a local tree planting charity.
  2. Our Trees Need Love. We want all our trees to find good homes. A little Christmas spirit can go a long way towards the survival of your tree. If you forget to water a cut tree it gets crispy a week early, but forget to water a Living Christmas Tree and several generations will miss out on sharing in the tree's beauty.
  3. We Need Your Patience. Striving to be as economical and environmental as possible can sometimes come at the cost of efficiency. We are trying to keep rental fees as low as possible, but we need your help and patience. We ask that you keep the Christmas cheer with our hardworking staff and be home for your drop-off and pick-up times.
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