1. Raising Awareness: 

Our most important initiative is AWARENESS.   By valuing a living thing that used to be throw away, we are creating an awareness around all of our holiday practices and how we want to share them with future generations.

“This is not your grandmother’s tree; this is your children’s tree”

2. Beyond Sustainability, We Strive to Be Regenerative

Sustainability implies having low or no impact on the planet, to be regenerative means to create a net benefit to the environment.  We look at everything we do and ask ourselves if its the BEST way to achieve our goals.

3. Doing Well by Doing GOOD

We are intentionally a for-profit business vs a non-profit organization.  We believe that lasting social change needs to work with the market and capitalism- not against it.  Rather than “donation”, we believe that making an “investment” in the environment will create the most significant lasting effect. 

4. Progress through Empowerment:

The good and bad news is that we have a labor intensive business.  Trees need to be watered and delivered by hand.  So we looked at how to make the MOST impact with how we hire.  We have employed adults with disabilities to care for the trees and worked with Veterans Groups to deliver the trees.  More than a hand out from a charity, we provide REAL JOBS that provide empowerment.  The harder you work, the better the company does, the more you make.  We think this one of the best way to affect social change.

5. In-Home Safety: 

Living trees are less flammable than either cut trees or petroleum-based, artificial trees. They have been endorsed by Fire Marshals in California as safe for homes and business without flame retardant. Click here to read more.

6: Indoor Air Quality:

Living trees contribute to positive indoor air quality by removing dust and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Plastic trees can off-gas harmful chemicals into the air and commercial fire retardants used on cut trees contain known carcinogens.

7: Urban Infill:

Rather then utilize inexpensive land far outside the city and trucking the trees in OR use land under powerlines which are valuable urban greenbelts, we looked for BROWNFIELDS to grow the trees.  By re-purposing  industrial land, we are giving new life to land with our mobile forests.  We currently have a partnership with Shell Oil to use up to 40 ACRES of land less than 20 miles from Downtown LA. 

8. GROW local, HIRE local, DELIVER Local

Growing the trees close to where we are delivering them means we hire folks from the local community while cutting down on each trees’ carbon footprint. 

9. Urban Forestry: 

Currently we have over 4000 trees growing in Carson busy producing oxygen, removing dust for the air, and collecting the first inch of rainfall to reduce storm water run-off.  But we have also donated hundreds of local urban forestry programs with organizations like Tree Musketeers and Boy Scouts of America.  as we continue to grow, our by-product will be thousands of living trees a year. 

10. Landfill Diversion: 

In California, AB341 mandates that cities increase their waste diversion to 75% by 2020.  We can help them achieve these goals.  Because our trees never hit the refuge stream, our trees represent the highest level of diversion called “Source Reduction”.  And because our trees are all ordered on-line, we can track exactly how many trees were rented in each city, and help them to reach their goals! 

11. Acting Globally and Locally: 

Our aggressive community outreach programs have allowed us to partner and fund raise alongside a multitude charitable organizations. We are able to donate trees to needy families and partner with nearly 50 local non-profits.

Expanding our definition of a Living Christmas, we have added eco-conscious and Fair Trade products and ornaments to our website. These products support women’s programs in India, Tibetan refugees in Nepal, and support the green industry locally.