“What I love best about what we do is all the opportunities we have to work with the community. We deliver smiles at Christmastime and throughout the year. Kindness never goes out of season.” ~Scotty Claus, TLC Co. Founder, Jolly Ol’ Soul

The Living Christmas Company is proud to serve in the communities that help to make our business a success. We believe that strong community partnerships build strong businesses and that strong businesses build strong communities.

Our Philanthropic Efforts
Giving is at the heart of the Living Christmas Company. We support local charitable organizations through our Fundraiser, Tree Donation, and Mature Tree Adoption programs as well as with cross-marketing opportunities. Some of the organizations we have partnered with include:

  • Donating trees to Lemon-Aid for their Giving Tree Project
  • Donating trees to Torrance Memorial Medical Center for their Hospital Holiday Festival
  • Providing donated trees as raffle prizes for Walk with Sally
  • Working with Seniors helping Seniors to design and implement a senior center garden

Our Social Involvement
As an integral part of the communities in which we serve, the Living Christmas Company offers education, employment, and business opportunities extending beyond the holiday season.

Employment: The nursery aspect of our business has allowed us to partner with Social Vocational Services to provide employment opportunities for a team of three developmentally challenged individuals.

Education: We offer internship opportunities for students interested in pursuing an environmental career, providing learning and experience in managing sustainable practices.

Local Businesses: Our mission to change the way the world celebrates Christmas includes reevaluating how we celebrate and the environmental impact of our traditions. We have partnered with local businesses to offer sustainable, environmental, and unique products, including Fair Trade ornaments, and locally made recycled glass ornaments.

Our Environmental Initiatives
Our proactive stance towards environmental stewardship finds creative ways to make our communities green and safe for future generations.

Urban Reforestation: We use only local varieties of trees, grown in local conditions. Every year, hundreds of our trees will be retired from active service due to their size or condition. These trees are donated to organizations such as Tree Musketeers to support local urban reforestation efforts.

Last year, TLC Co. donated 36 trees to Tree
Musketeers for their Arbor Day planting celebration.

Eco-Advocacy: We support local environmental groups that share our environmental goals of raising awareness and participating in the community.

We have supported Global Green by donating trees for their millennium event and supporting their annual pledge drive. By attending local green events, such as Earth Day events and environmental fairs, we can support local green organizations such as VOICE (Volunteers and Organizations Improving the Community’s Environment) in their mission to educate and increase awareness about the Earth’s environment.