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Giving is at the heart of the Living Christmas Company. Through The Living Christmas Foundation we provide many ways for Non-Profit Organizations to partner with us in achieving their goals.

Here are just some of the ways you can get involved:

Fundraiser Program: Let The Living Christmas Company help your Non-Profit Organization reach its fundraising goals. When your members rent their Living Trees from us, we will donate a percentage of the total participant sales to your organization. In addition, we can also offer your members a percentage off their rental. The Fundraiser Program also allows for cross-marketing opportunities with The Living Christmas Company and your organization.

Tree Donation Program: Each year, The Living Christmas Company donates Living Christmas trees and delivery service to selected local non-profit organizations to help them reach their charitable goals. The service may be used in any way that will best benefit the group, such as donating to a needy family who might otherwise be unable to have a tree, or using it as a raffle prize to enhance fundraising efforts. Simply tell us about your organization and how it would benefit from the donation of this service. We will donate two Living Christmas Trees to each organization we select.

Mature Tree Adoption Program: Our trees are well loved, but sometimes, because of their size or condition, we are forced to retire them from active rental duty. These retirees are donated for urban reforestation programs and non-profit landscaping projects. Please let us know if your organization might benefit from adopted mature trees.

Please let us know if you would like The Living Christmas Company to make a presentation of our Partnership Opportunities to your organization.

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