Premium Trees

It’s important to note that Premium still doesn’t mean “Perfect”…

Our living trees are beautiful, but they are not perfect. Living trees grown in containers just cannot take sheering the same way their ill-fated friends grown in the ground do. That said, we hold the highest standard of what we consider to be PREMIUM. What I ask my Reindeer Delivery team is:

Can it stand straight? (This includes with a slight shim (This includes with a slight shim due to living soil and movement/watering ))

Is the color a consistent green? (Or greyish-green in the case of the Blue Spruce!)

Are there at least three nice sides? (A hole on one side is okay and a great spot for a large ornament!)

Are there a lot of dried needles visible? (Aleppo Pines are the exception because they tend to keep their dried needles along the trunk, but are hidden by the exterior green needles)

And finally…

Would you be proud to bring this tree to your parents?

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