"We Wish You a Living Christmas!"

Rent a living tree this Christmas and our elves will deliver a potted Christmas tree to your doorstep.
After the holidays, the tree will return to the North Pole where it can continue to grow for future generations!

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Your decorations can be as dynamic as the trees they hang on. Click here for Locally Made, Recycled or Fair Trade Ornaments, Wrapping Paper and Decor
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Celebrating a LIVING Christmas is more than just saving a tree. Learn about all the good you are able to do just by renting a LIVING tree!
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Our Mission started with Changing the Way California Celebrates Christmas. Click here to learn how our message is spreading around the WORLD!
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About TLC Co

Learn about our Mission and how we got started Renting and Delivering Living Christmas Trees!
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"It made my home smell like Christmas, it was a big hit with my holiday visitors, and it was 100% guilt free. I'll never do Christmas without this service again!"
~ Berrypicker Becky Jimeroo-Who
"Ordering was so simple, delivery went without a hitch, and your people made the whole experience so satisfying and fun."
~ Cindy Lou Who
"Our 9-year old daughter took care of her tree by herself and is very eager to see it again."
~ Augustus Maywho