We rent and deliver, premium LIVING Christmas trees in the Los Angeles Area.



Monterey Pine


With dark green, soft, gracefully arching needles that ‘stink like Christmas’, the Monterey makes a great Christmas guest…

Aleppo Pine


The beauty is dense and the most shapely of our trees. New baby needles have a bluish tint. The Aleppo Pine is the hardiest…

White Spruce

Blue Spruce

Serbian Spruce (3).jpg

Similar in nature to his sturdier brother, the White Spruce, has an open branching structure and blue/green hue to his short, tight needles…


Blue’ish in color this tree is the closest to the traditional Noble Fir, but be careful, he’s also spiky to the touch and not very fragrant. But he’s a hearty…



“In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, I decided to rent a tree this year. It was a great experience! I loved that the tree was delivered and picked up. I merely had to drop a bucket of ice on it every few days and I had a green tree throughout the season!”


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