Is a living tree right for you?

1) Our trees aren’t perfect. The first thing you’ll notice about our trees is that they don’t look like the noble fir you grew up with, but remember that‘this isn’t your Grandma’s tree, it’s children’s tree’. Noble firs don’t grow around here. We like to think that gives them character. That said, only the straightest, ‘A’ quality trees are eligible for rental. The others are sold as nursery stock or donated to a local tree planting organization.

2) Our trees need love. We want all our trees to find good homes. Our goal is not just to rental a bunch of trees; we want to see them go on living! A little Christmas spirit can go a long way towards the survival of your living Christmas tree. If you forget to water a cut tree, it only gets crispy a week early, but forget to water a living tree, and several generations will miss out on sharing in the tree’s beauty.

3) We need your patience. Striving to be as economical and environmental as possible can sometimes come at the cost of efficiency. We are trying to keep rental fees as low as possible, but we need your help and patience. We ask that you keep the Christmas cheer with our hardworking elves and be as flexible as possible with your drop-off and pick-up times.

Why can’t I get a specific drop off or pickup time to fit MY schedule?

As to the pickup time, we cannot guaranTREE any specific times, but we’ll be sure to put it in the notes.  It really depends on routing for the day that we come and where you fall on the list.

Can I still get my adopted tree from last year?

Santa’s sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but our very endearing and popular adoption program has had to be retired this year because most of the trees were no longer viable.  This was mostly due to climate and weather issues.  The trees have been returned to the forest to (hopefully) rejuvenate and live to be holiday members of other families in the future!

I’ve selected 2 delivery and pickup options, when will I know exactly when my tree is expected?

We will be finalizing all routing closer to your delivery/pickup date and will be sending out email notifications 24-36 hours prior with more details, including a 4-hour delivery window.  So stay tuned!

Why does my order say “processing?”  Is it still coming?

All of our orders read as “processing” in the system until they are delivered, then they are “completed.”  Don’t worry about that.  It has no effect on your tree order.

Why doesn’t my tree have that nostalgic “fresh Christmas-y smell?”

Actually, the “fresh tree” fragrance you get from a cut tree is a bit the opposite… it’s the sap leaving the tree as it dies…   Our Living Trees might not be as strong a scent, but they get to thrive for years to come!  For the pine fragrance you’re looking for, may we suggest a lovely candle?

How should I care for the tree so that it remains healthy in my care?

Check out our Care and Feeding page for a complete set of care instructions for your Living Christmas Tree.